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Guang Yi: Lingual, Literary, and Cultural Translation
Volume 17 Jul, 2023
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  • Chia-Hui Huang A Preliminary Study on the Techniques of Translating Chinese Poetry into haibun in Wakun Santaishi: The Versification of Chinese Poetry 
  • Min-Hua Wu Emily Dickinson (1830-1886): Une abeille s’invitant à l’éternité
  • Min-Hua Wu Oceano Nox
Volume 16 Feb, 2021
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  • Fah-Hing Chong  Taiwanese-Malay Cultural Contact: With Reference to Taiwanese Literature in Malay Translation
  • Chu-Ching Hsu  Anthologizing Taiwan: The Construction of Taiwanese Literature via Translation Anthologies
  • Chia-Hui Liao  Retranslating Memories of Peking as Children’s and Young Adult Literature
  • Su-Hsen Liu  Analyzing Cross-Cultural Translation Norms/Strategies: Short Story Anthologies of Contemporary Taiwanese Literature
Volume 15 Sep, 2017
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  • Shu-Qin Han Interpretation on Translation of English Film Titles from the Perspective of Eco-translatology——A descriptive study based on mini-corpus
  • Mau-Lin Chou Gains and Losses of Auto-translation by Diaspora Writers— A Case of Ha Jin’s A Good Fall
  • Chien-Wei Yang Foreignization, Domestication, and Power Relations among Languages: Translation Strategies in Two Chinese Translations of Paradise Lost
Volume 13 Sep, 2016
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  • Jian-Guo Wang  Translators’ Thinking Modes and Translations
  • Min-Hua Wu  The Tang Poetry Regained: Teaching Tang Poems with Hu Pin-ching’s and Xu Yuanzhong’s English Translations as a Contrast and Complement
  • Tao Hung  The Language Register and Social Stratification in David Hawkes’s The Story of the Stone and their Relation with English Literary Conventions
  • An-Nie Hsu  Translation of “the Translation”: The Chinese Translations of Walter Moers’ Zamonien Novels “Die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher” and “Das Labyrinth der Träumenden Büche”
  • Ya-Hui Chang  One Look is Worth More Than a Thousand Words: Jin Ping Mei as an Example
  • Tin-Kei Wong  The Reconstruction of Hongloumeng’s Subtle Emotional Drama in David Hawkes’ The Story of the Stone
  • Hsing-Hao Chao  “To Make a Good One Better”: The Most Immediate Predecessor of the King James Bible
Volume 12 Sep, 2015
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  • Emilio Ortega Arjonilla About Perceptions, Transfer of Meaning, and Cultural Barriers in Translation
  • Miguel Á ngel Bueno Espinosa The Transmission of Artist Genius in Translation: Strains, Limits and Paradoxes
  • Rufina Clara Revuelta Guerrero Translation and Intellectual Justice
  • Khedidja Benammar  Translation and cultural otherness
  • Ching-Hsin Chang Fidelity in Translation: from the View Point of Information Structure
  • Shuang Qian A Restricted View on the Construction of “Translative Format in Chinese” of Western Learning Term “Logic” from the Perspective of the Translation Change of Western Term “Logic” in Chinese since the Late Ming Dynasty
Volume 11 Sep, 2014
Volume 11.pdf download file
  • José Ramón Á lvarez Linguistic Problems in Chinese-Spanish Translation
  • Suh-Ching Li ParadoxesTranslating Spanish Children’s Literature into Chinese. An Example: Elvira Lindo’s novel Los trapos sucios (a Part of Manolito Gafotas Series)
  • Chen-Yu Lin Subtitles Translation - the Four-Character Idioms Study: Analysis from Ghost Graduation
  • Yu-Fen Tai  A Study of Spanish Novel in Chinese version El desorden de tu nombre according to Benjamin's “The Task of the Translator”
  • Tsai-Wen Hsu  Leaping Over the Cultural Barrier: Transformation of Paratext in Chinese Translation of “Mi primer Quijote
  • Yun-Chi Chang Analysis of Translation Strategies of Satire Art from the Chinese Classic Novel “Journey to the West”
  • Tsui-Ling Huang Translation of Spanish Slang: Based on the Examples in Spanish TV Series, Camera Café
  • Seng-Loi Chao  Influence of Wasei Kango on Concept of Modern Literature: A Study of the Paired Factors “Studying Aboard and Practicing” and “Translation and Exchange”
  • Rui Zhang, Tong-King Lee  Methodological Issues in Translation Research in China: A Case Study
  • Pin-Ta Wu  Between Commitment and Recordation: The Phenomena of Standing Divination Blocks in Fifty Taiwanese Temples from 2008 to 2013
  • Jia Ye  Image Dispatch and Translators’ Perspective: A Study of Translation of Visual Texts in Early Republican Magazines
Volume 10 Mar, 2014
  • San-Jun Sun,  Jun Wen Measuring Translation Difficulty: Theoretical and Methodological Considerations
  • Dong-Sheng Ren, Yu-Xia Gong Translation Institutionalization and Institutionalized Translation 
  • Hong Wang A Probe into the English Translation of Xi Xiangji
  • Hua-Wen Liu  "One-for-many Translation": A Study of Access-alternation in Poetic Transformation
  • Quan-Gong Feng  Animism in Red Sorghum and Its English Translation
  • Zhi-Min Zhao, Xin Chen Narration, Translation and Conflict: Research on Domestic Introduction and Potential Application of Mona Baker's Narrative Perspective in Translation Studies
  • Ling Xue Where "Thoughts" Meet "Scope": A Narrative Account of James Legge's Translation Guidelines
  • Xin-Le Cai On the Significance of Zhongyong to Translation Studies from the Viewpoint of a Disagreement between Qian Zhongshu and Yan Fu
Volume 9 Sep, 2013
Volume 9.pdf download file
  • Wen-Ching Ho  The Task of Translating Toni Morrison’s Beloved into Chinese
  • Yi-ping Wu Postcolonial Writing and Literary Translation: A Study of the Publication and Translation of American Ethnic Literature in Taiwan
  • Min Zhou Echoes to the Sense Musicality in Shakespeare’s Sonnets and its Translation
  • Shih-Wen Liao Multiculturality Translation and Transcultural Remediation: A Study on the Chinese Translations of Bushido
  • Ann-Marie Hsiung Boundary Crossing and Transformation—Case Studies of Chinese xiqu’s overseas English Translation and Performance
  • Yu-Ling Chung, Yun-Hsin Huang Relationship between Translation Competence and Personality Trait: In the Case of Undergraduate Students in Taiwan
  • Lin Wang An Attentive Discussion of the Function of Focalization of Diazeugma and its Translation
Volume 8 Mar, 2013
  • Hong Xu  On the Translation of English Rhythm Poems
  • Yan-Chun Zhao Ontological Orientation and Dialectical Mechanism of Translation
  • Zi-Man Han What Are Deconstructionist Translation Theories
  • Kai-Rong Xiao, Xu Wen  Frame and Cognitive Operation in Translation
  • Xiao-Qing Jia S & T Translation in the Light of Cognitive Translation Theory: To Cite the Translation of a Text about Energy as an Example
  • Dong-Sheng Ren The Phenomenon of “Being Authorized” in Translation of Religious Texts: A Comparative Study of KJV and Wu Jing-Xiong’s Chinese Translation of the Psalms
  • Ke-Li Diao The Ecology of the Writer and the Ecology of the Translator
  • Jian Hou Extending the Familiar: A Study on the English Translation of the Title of Zhongyong
Volume 7 Sep, 2012
Volume 7.pdf download file
  • Meng-Hsuan Ku  La cultura del regalo en China y las resoluciones de traducción de “regalo” en la obra “Sueño en el pabellón rojo
  • Xin Li Discourse Markers and Their Translation Characteristics in Audiovisual Texts
  • Li-Ping Bai The Issue on the Selection of Materials for Translation: A Case on the Translation of Strindberg’s Married
  • Yao-Kai Chi Crossing the boundary of Pure Turkish (Öz Türkçe): Stylistic Analysis of Benim Adım Kırmızı by Orhan Pamuk and Its English Translation
  • Xiao-Ping Fei “New Translation Theory,” “Medio-Translatology” and “Variation Studies on the Level of Language”: Mutual Demonstration, Mutual Recognition and Mutual Complementarity
  • Zhong-Lian Huang The Essence and Performance of Yanfu’s Translation of Evolution and Ethics–One of the Thoughts on Yanfu’s Ideology of translation variation
  • Dao-Zhen Zhang The Cultural Manipulation and Commercial Use of Modern Pseudotranslation–A Case Study of Carl Weter's Educational Law
  • Shang-Kuan Chang Sublimation: Barbarization et/est Translation
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